"DEAD MONEY" is a blackly comic, kinetically charged look into the booming phenomenon of No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Poker.

Lou Diamond Phillips is JD Corpus, a stand up comic whose cynicism about the entertainment industry only feeds his material. Unfortunately, gambling on a career in show biz isn't enough for JD. Playing the ponies at Hollywood Park has put him in a thirty thousand dollar debt to Irby, a bookie, and his bulldog enforcer, Duke. When JD comes clean to his salt-of-the-earth girlfriend, Molly, she offers him a sensible solution. Get a real job and she will help him pay off his debt.

JD runs into an old friend Stan who works as a dealer at the Commerce Casino. Stan introduces JD to the intoxicating world of Texas hold 'em no limit tournaments. After placing in the money at one of Stan's tournaments, JD parlays his winnings into one of the weekly tournaments hosted by the Commerce Casino, the world's largest poker room where the payout is millions. At the Commerce Casino, JD meets the man who will become his mentor, Picasso Dukuyper. Picasso is seemingly harmless and innocuous, but a legend among the poker players.

JD's bold play catches Picasso's eye and the two embark on a respectful relationship of teacher and student. JD catches cards and, with the help of Picasso, places in the money. Less impressed is JD's girlfriend, Molly, who kicks him out. Eventually, JD parlays his winnings into the big game, with the poker legends TJ Cloutier, Men the Master, Annie Duke and Phil Ivey. In the process, Steve Lipscomb, the founder of the World Poker Tour, befriends JD. JD goes on to win enough money cover his debt and to win back the heart of his girl with the metaphorical lessons he's learned at the table and at the hands of Picasso, his friend and mentor. Ultimately, JD's poker and show biz aspirations collide when Steve Lipscomb offers him a job as a color commentator for WPT Program.

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